Can we change our reality?

The reality, our reality, is something ductile and moldable. By understanding its configuration parameters, we have access to the key to change.

September, a good month to abandon patterns

Consciously changing a behaviour pattern is the most effective way to abandon an ordinary life and begin an extraordinary life. This, undoubtedly, requires determination and courage.

Readings to start over

Given the circumstances the world is facing, the next few weeks can be a great opportunity to reflect and, better yet, start over.

Authentic communication in five steps

To establish quality communication, the message must be delivered in an authentic and empathetic way, because, in essence, we are exchanging emotions.

Where can the fountain of creativity be found?

I don’t know of anyone who is bothered when being called creative. It’s rather the opposite. In fact, this word can result in snobbery, because being creative distinguishes you from other people, somehow, it makes you special. Being it a collective desire, many people believe creativity to be out of their reach. They know that […]

Uncertainty, the best change and evolution engine

Five key aspects to learn how to manage it Uncertainty is a constant in our lives, in our history. If we live in an impermanent world like ours, which is constantly changing, then uncertainty is necessarily a travelling companion. Without a doubt, it is uncomfortable, because it pushes us and pushes us until it manages […]