“It’s as if we have accepted to follow a previously written script… I truly believe that we can co-create a new societal model, far more sustainable and equitable. To achieve it, a certain transformation on an individual level needs to take place, which occurs when one commits to oneself and a collective purpose”.

I work in favour of peoples’ and organizations’ transformation.

“We need to unlearn criticism and demanding too much of ourselves, and celebrate how extraordinary we can become”.

Alpha encloses attributes that have traditionally been assigned to men, while Omega has more to do with the characteristics that are typically associated with women. In MOMA, we can find a balance between our feminine and masculine essence, beyond our male or female condition. 

To be more precise, the MOMA equilibrium is where we can unfold all of our potentials.

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SOURCE: Alphas & Omegas: The power feminine traits in business.

“We need to establish elevated goals, both in our personal and professional lives, to live a full life and take the reins of our destiny”